Friday, November 30, 2007

I Done Forgetted to be Rich or Least I ain't Ignorint

I ran across this item on the Wonkette site. Seems that some person in Texas got fired from her job as the science curriculum director in the Texas Education Agency for promoting science. More accurately, she got fired for knocking creationism in science classes. Again my head explodes even as I start seeing the freedumn that will be gained as we reach back and reinstate the fine thinking of the Dark Ages.
I can see how that woman might need to be stoned or cast out. The new movement in education is stupidity. Don't expand the mind, control it and ensure that all parts support the correct world view. Critical thinking is so yesterday. Liberal Arts. We don't do liberal anymore.
I would like to start a movement to accept my spelling of words as the corect spellings, and damn it, comma splices are fine. Call Off Your Old Tired Ethics anew. Furthermore, this country was founded as Christian Nation , and critics be damned to hell, the NEW math will look like this:
Critics of Intelligent Math are concerned that it is erroneous and should not be taught in schools since it will lower the educational standards of the nation’s children. However, Professor Gibbet was defensive: "On the contrary, using Intelligent Math, it is possible to show that all numbers are equivalent and so, in the context of an exam, there are no wrong answers. Hence each pupil will increase their score to 100 per cent ...which of course equals 300 per cent.

WTF, I love it. That man should be in charge of something. Maybe a promotion to NASA. I am sure no more exploding Space Shuttles with him.
Fuel Tank Guy,"Sir, how much fuel should we put in the Shuttle?"
Professor Gibbet, "By my calculations, 300% should be enough."

I am in a quandry as to why I am poor in this culture. If I just had a little more energy and a little more cynicisism, I should at least be able to do as well as these people.

Yes,I know I spelled alot of stuff wrong in this post and there are numersous "gramatical" errors , but not anymore. Now, I am rightous.