Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Healthcare, Again

Updated below-
I saw this post over at that "evil" Daily Kos site. Long story short, the United States healthcare sucks. We all know it. It is dragging this country down. 

Then I read this post over at the Alaska Standard. The author is upset because Family Planning moneys are included in the Stimulus Bill that is making its way through Congress. The guy lifted the entire thing from the Heritage Foundations blog. That is plagiarism, but his point seems to be that liberals are trying to reach into his man-gina and rip the babies right out of him. Family planning is health care. Maybe it shouldn't be in a stimulus bill, but in the short run, healthcare money will get spent and will get spent quickly. Evidence that video above. If we want money in the economy this is the place. There is no pleasing these conservatives, so we should just stop trying!

I have never had an update before! But this is too funny. Over at the Alaska Standard that I cited above, they have removed the plagiarized post after I called them out on it. But they left a clip of Nancy Pelosi and the comments section. Now the author has posted the "original" text in the comments and included citations for his sources and claimed that they were in the original post. I don't know why he would remove the text then. I think he might be lying!!! Such fear of being seen as weak, or wrong.

 I am sure that I have been lazy and lifted text and not cited it correctly. That would be wrong, and a mistake. If it I found out, and someone gave a shit, I am sure I would correct it. Admit the mistake and work at doing better. It would at least mean someone was reading this. 

The richest part of the whole exchange is the author tries to call me out and put me down by referring to me as "Mrs. Freshwrestler." Ouch! Using the feminine as a slander in a post that has to do to do with reproductive rights is pretty inDICKative of his level of intellectual development.  
More update- Obama had the funds removed from the bill to please the conservatives. Please , don't please the conservatives. They lost. THEY LOST. WE WON. That money better show up somewhere and soon.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

At least you did't get fired like your dad.

Farewell Former President Bush,
You got that going for you when the family gets together. "Shut up Old Man, at least I didn't fired." Your library will be bigger and have more stuff. And no matter what Papa Bush says, after you, there is no way in hell we will have another Bush in the Whitehouse. "Sorry Jeb, I shit all over the place. They ain't going to let you in." Then laugh in his pompous face. Sweet.

I will try to visit you when I get back to Dallas. Maybe we can get together and finally have that beer. I'll buy, alot. Oh hell, let's beer and shots. We will get the Secret Service to drive us around. You aren't to far from Addison, so let's go to Chili's. It must be a relief to slip that pretense of sobriety, just like Reagan was able to let go of that illusion of lucidity after he got done.

I have a few questions about the some the things that happened over the past 8 years, but I will just wait for your book. I read Clinton's recently. Crap, there were a bunch of words in that one. I am sure yours will be considerably shorter. Kinda like a Readers Digest Condensed Book. Are you going to write it yourself or find a subcontractor? I bet you won't get anybody at Haliburton to do that now that you are spending your own money. Is Dick going to edit it before you publish it? That would be a good idea, knida like when he showed up to help you testify in Congress. But really I do look forward to following your activities; the speeches, the trials, the library at SMU, the businesses you will start with your friends. It will be interesting to see how you evlove after all that presidenting. It should look good on your resume.

I do know that we will miss you. All those silly guys on late night tv are going to have find someones else to kick around. And Obama is already changing things, Jazz instead of Country, cigarettes instead of bourbon, transparency instead of secrets, but it is just window dressing, and it is only the first week. Dick will find him soon enough, take him to the bunker and set him straight. I am pretty sure of that.

Goodbye George,

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Go Away

Dear People from the Outside,
I would cordially like to ask you to leave our Governor alone. No more interviews, no more websites about her, no more magazine covers. Don't speculate about her, don't google her, don't listen to her, don't even look up here for 2 more years. After 2 years, we will gladly send her out to fulfill her destiny as the cute befuddled conservative on "The View."
You see, she has a an actual job to do. She is a Governor in a state that requires a strong executive. And Sarah has a little problem focusing. She can't bear down and do her job if everyone is wanting a "ubetcha" and wink from her. We now suspect that she is a little limited and we need her and Todd really focused to deal with the issues at hand up here in Alaska. Sarah confuses her job with her personal life. So when you admire her for her political moxie, her fine family values, her "hot grandma" status, she thinks that is her job. To be beloved, to campaign constantly, to talk without saying much. But all this takes time and preparation, which takes away from her real job. And just like little Bristol during the campaign, she is getting behind in her responsibilities.

I may not really like the woman, or her recent activities, but as governor, I do want her to succeed. To study problems and issues and come up with solutions and policies that will address the needs of this State and it's citizens. There really is much to be done and an amazing amount of opportunity for her and this state. So if you want her to be viable for that position on the View, let her do her job, and stop giving her so many compliments for just showing up.