Sunday, July 5, 2009

Good Luck Sarah

It seems obvious that Sarah Palin reached the limits of her executive capabilities as mayor of Wasilla. Her further advancement was just ambition, a confluenece of political disasters (Gov. Murkowski, Knowles, McCain) and just dumb luck.  

Politically she was a master of capitalizing on the events of the day.  We have to give her that. Unfortunately, or more correctly, fortunately she lacked any substance to back up the bluster. It was always about playing the politics and promoting the brand.

Alaska can move on now and she can further her new career as a celebrity-politician. And unless there is revelation of a scandal or she takes up the offer from Playboy and wipes out the modicum of credibility that she retains, she will continue to drag the Republican Party further right and further into obscurity. 

Good luck Sarah.