Monday, November 26, 2007

I Want To Pay An Income Tax or Representation Without Taxation

Really I do. I want to pay for the State government I get and I want you to also. Maybe then, for a while, we will all give a crap.

Alaskans have consistently been in the lowest 10% of the US states for taxes per-capita. Let us do the adult thing and pay for some of our government. Then we can put a bunch of those petro-dollars, in addition to the upcoming "surplus", in savings. Or try this one; fully fund education and endow the University of Alaska System! We have an endowment for UA but it is ranked right behind Rollins University at 199th in the nation. There are even some Universities that have managed their endowments so well that they are eliminating tuition. Communists!!

We got money flowing out the wahzoo. Instead of creating a higher educational system that will create jobs, provide research, attract business, provide cultural opportunities and keep our talent in state, every year our University has to beg for money to keep going. And they have to beg from these dunderheaded, flat earther, anti-intellectual, anti-science, legislator and governors. They get under funded and we get a second rate school. STUPID, STUPID, STUPID.

That oil in the ground around Alaska belongs to everyone. IF we have to get it out now, we should be creating institutions that will benefit future generations, not just giving us a free-ride. I am going to write Gov. Palin. She did want to hear from me about how I wanted to spend the surplus.

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