Friday, November 9, 2007

Seldovia is Gonna Make Someone Dislike Something

From my perspective, sitting in the woods outside of town, livin in the "Village", on "Dirty Hippie Hairy Feminist Way", Seldovia seems a little messed up. There is this ongoing dialectic/argument that is never resolved.

In dialectics there is supposed to be an exchange of ideas, an argument (arguments can be a good thing, we keep telling Aidan). One side puts forth a proposal or thesis, another puts forward an counter-argument, the antithesis. There is an exchange and either one side's argument or portions of their argument are proved incorrect or a compromise or melding of ideas, a synthesis, is arrived at. Now in Seldovia, this argument is never about one thing it is about all things, maybe it is the meta-dialectic of our town. But plug in past issues that never reach that synthesis and one sees a pattern("but plug" thats funny). I am still new here, just a decade in town so my list wouldn't be exhaustive.(Side note-The other night at the Linwood Jim H came up to me a said "Dammit Mark, welcome to Seldovia) The whole deal really hobbles this town into inaction and from an outsiders perspective makes us look like kinda crazy. If you read this, you have to leave a comment about an organizational or governmental issue that never got resolved or resolved with one party feeling crappy.

The only solace I get with this is that every time I talk with my mom about the craziness and politics in Seldovia, she says "oh that reminds me of New Haven." She grew up in a small town in Iowa. Is it small towns, or as we like to say here, "Seldovia is special"?

As Forrest says "stupid is as stupid does"

Gotta go feed a couple of little underdeveloped kitten that were born yesterday. They don't know how to suckle. To keep the litter warm I have to fill up the empty tonic bottle with hot water (I love a good G&T). I think if they live I will call one "New Genoa" and "New Jib", for they will buy me one.


catknit said...

This is from your english teacher wife. You need to learn how to punctuate or your posts will not be funny or smart. They could be, b/c you're both, but if you can't write properly, you won't be received well. You write for a living. Punctuation like commas and periods go inside of the quotation marks. You are going to make me dislike something: like your blog.

Thanks for taking care of my kittens though. T

Mark said...

Help me

damara & andy said...

wait. wait. organizational issue that never got resolved / left someone unhappy in seldovia? or are we talking global? cuz, i can't think beyond my own sphere, self-absorbed that i am.

godmom said...

I've never seen an issue like what you've discussed resolve in a happy the life of GLBT people in the church, getting time off to get new hip joints, stuff like that. I recommend pain meds to alter your view of the makes it all into happy nausea. Without the meds, it is painful nausea......the next election will bring us one or the other, I'm thinking.