Saturday, December 1, 2007

Small Town Fun

So Fred was giving me and the wife the stink eye in the Bar last night. Then he left. It was a good thing he did.

Two weeks ago this same guy confronted my wife in the Linwood after I had left for a minute to take Micky home. Micky was too drunk to drive his bike home. He accused her of being a hypocrite because she was the "alcohol counselor" and that she testified against him at some trial. Thing is she was never a alcohol counselor but was worked for the women's services as a domestic violence counselor. And he is a big abusive violent ass.

So now I am confronted with the task of how to deal with this guy. It is so small town. I think I may have to fight him!!! Ha!!! The last fight I was in was with Scott Braden in 8th grade. (The photo is Scott now. He is a total geek.) We got in a tussle over who got to sit in the front seat of the car on the ride home from school. I made Scott cry after I knocked his M&Ms to the pavement. I kicked his ass!

So watch out, Fred, the next time I see you with M&Ms in your hand, I am going knock them to the pavement. That will teach you.


damara & andy said...

i got your back, bro.

Scott said...

you did not kick my ass. Phil and Jesse will confirm that I had you pinned and was banging your head agains the curb when they broke us up.


p.s. cool blog.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to seldovia!

Philip Munger said...

I've been to Seldovia once - to clean fish where it isn't nearly as busy as in the HSBH. I missed this aspect of your town. Almost makes me want to hurry back...