Thursday, November 8, 2007

On your mark

Disclaimer: I am in no way interesting, smart or even clever. I am horrid writer (I am sure with each post I will receive a grade from my english teacher wife). I am mildly humorous, mostly to myself. My life is sort of different, but it is much like all my neighbors. I have no great unifying theme and my brain is addled and sieve-like. My wife said I should write my frequent rants in a blog. I think she is just trying to shut me up. I'll show her.

Since the "re-election" OF GWB to the White House, I have been a bit unhinged regarding the world, politics and everything, actually since 2000. So I lost myself in the web. Mostly the political pages. I read and am informed, but it is just onanism. Maybe that is what the web is really all about and this whole blog thing maybe a higher level of the self-abuse. Yippie, I am now going to get me some.

I ghost wrote a post for my dog on my wife's blog, and I listened to the APRN show “Talk of Alaska” recently on which a couple of bloggers talked about blogging and corruption trials. The show ended up being about Vic Korhing and the corruption in the entire State of Alaska, and my dog's post was about rolling around in a dead bear. Both were illuminating because the writing was a good exercise in writing and APRN because it linked me up to other blogs of like-minded folks in Alaska (people really like to take pictures of their outhouses, it is raining and blowing like hell out or I would put one in here, maybe before I am done I will HAVE to go out the coffee is working it's dual magic. Update-see above).
I read in one blog that someone was proposing a meeting, which I think would mean party, of progressive bloggers in AK. Now that would be a freakfest I would love to go to. Homebrew, hummus, smoked salmon dip and plenty of indignation and ranting. (Sounds like Tracy’s knitting group) Plus, I think that this format/media/whatever, is key to Alaska Progressives creating a network that will make an impact on the state of politics.
So I am starting this blog to:
1. Get invited to the party
2. Rant
3. Intellectual Onanism
4. Practice typing
5. Change my world.
I have to go, I think my Tracy's cat is starting to explode/give birth.


godmom said...

Who knew I had to join a club before I could post? And I lost the clever words I'd typed.

Anyway, I think you are smart and clever and very humorous!

Denali Duffer said...

You better believe I'm checkin' this blog every day!!! Have fun with the posting, especially the rants.