Thursday, December 6, 2007

What if Nothing is There?

Recently, I glibly wrote we should be asking public officials about how good is their memory. I tire of all the testimony where these individuals who are amongst the most powerful people on the planet can't remember crap . St. Reagan started it all and made it OK. BUT he had Al's Hammer; he had a disease. I will wait for the post mortem on former Attorney General Gonzales, but there has to be something biological. During his appearance before the Senate Judiciary Committee used a version of the phrase "I don't remember" 71 times. His second Kyle Sampson, 122 times. Obviously compromised in some fashion. (Why didn't Clinton just say "I was really busy at the time, a bunch of sex going on, and I just can't remember if I had sex with that woman.")

It is obvious that Tucker Carlson is reading this blog. (I can't control who reads this.) From Crooks and Liars, check out this interview he did regarding having candidate's brains scanned prior to taking office.

Once I get past the issue that Tucker is a TOTAL CHODE, ("we are fine now") I don't think brain scans for people are a good idea. But I think the question should asked by the voters and the expectations should be established. "How's that candidate's brain seem to you?" Listening to Senator Ted's latest rants as outlined on, it maybe a good question. We know about candidates prostates and now we have the opportunity to learn about the condition of candidate's cervix . Progress! But the most important organ is left off the table. Maybe we care more about people genitals than their brains. Probably.


seldsalt said...

Oh you giddy optimist, you--you really think that they have brains? Boy, have they got YOU fooled.

Freshwrestler said...

I know.
i feel so optimistic.... for moments at a time.
But i know the trail of rainbow carnage will follow soon!!