Tuesday, December 18, 2007

We Are Getting Nailed Again At TPM Muckraker

Senator Ted is doing the job we sent him to do and he is catching hell again. 

At the TPM Muckraker site they have had a hard-on for our congressional delegation. Really, they have done a much better job documenting our elected officials slime than any local media outlet. Sometime they go a little to far. 
Frequently, in reading TPM and the Anchorage Daily News, I get the feeling that the ADN is waiting for these guys or at least somebody to break the bad news so they can get cover and report the reporting. Maybe it is that TPM is a internet site and not afraid of running into Ted at a xmas party.
Hey $975,000 for berry research!!!??? Do you think the Tribe has some new jobs heading its way? I hope so. I want to go out with a caliper and measure those blueberries for $40 an hour.

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