Friday, December 7, 2007

Tracy's Blog Gave Me VD; You Be Careful Now

My wife and I have a great relationship. I couldn't imagine living with anyone else. I could live alone though, without all those damn cats, but I would quickly, or more quickly, self-destruct and no one would know because I wouldn't have been to town in years.

The one irritating aspect about our relationship is we have this kinda competitive streak with each other. We, particularly her, have to have everything equal or we have to win. She gets sooooooo upset if she thinks I am shorting her food, beverages, attention or whatever. She is still upset I am faster on a bike and she won't play trivial pursuit, ever again. I think she threw it away.

I am sorry to bring you all in on this, but please don't read her blog anymore, at least for a little while. She is kicking my ass on the number of hits on her page. And she makes fun of me because of it. It is just like that South Park Episode "Quest for Ratings" when the boys are putting on a news show on the school closed circuit TV. They get bumped off the air by Graig's show. He is getting more viewers than the boys news show and it just videos of animals close-up with a wide-angle lens, but everybody loves it.

All Tracy does on her blog, and in a large part of her life, is just talk about cats and yarn. Her blog is pictures of cats, talking about sheep hair, the occasional pot-shot at me and pictures her falling down.

Come on, I will tell you on this blog, which of these things she is ranting about and as a bonus I will put more photos on. And if you need anything, just let me know. OK?!!! So is what you are missing; her leading me along into buying her what she wants for Xmas and she is stunned our 10 year old knows that Santa is fake. I would be more disturbed if he didn't.

I just have to beat her for a while and then I will disable her stat counter that I set up for her. She will never be able to re-establish her account and I will be victorious. Then to make nice I will let her win at scrabble.


Curtin said...

Now Scrabble is a game that frustrates me to no end--my wife has a tendancy to "make up" words--granted when they are looked up in the dictionary, 80% of the time they are actually words. With me though I always ask her definition--and wow, never matches! There should be a rule that says you are at least in the ballpark of knowing the definition!!

Freshwrestler said...

Scrabble makes my head hurt. I can say this in comments, I have only won once after 18 years. But, oh that was a good one. It is not fair that she has a PhD in English and I am a dunderhead. I will have to break out the board soon during these cold dark nights.