Wednesday, December 19, 2007

On Lions, Christians and Dietary Choices

I am trying to read conservative blogs for 15 minutes daily. It is an exercise and an act of intellectual self-mutilation all in a couple of minutes. Read the following that I pasted from an archive article of the Powerline blog:

This irrational and virulent hatred radiates from elected officials to all those who elected them. I saw a T-shirt in a Palm Springs shop that said, "So many right-wing Christians, so few lions." Hilarious, n'est-ce pas? Nothing funnier than religious believers being ripped to shreds by wild animals in front of cheering pagans.

Here is how I translate it so it reads a little better:
“All people who elect politicians are Christians. All politicians have this t-shirt from Palm Spring that had some anti-christian theme. Therefore politicians hate people.” He throws in for a little spice to his arguement “pagans suck.”

While I do not advocate feeding Christian directly to lions (that is a bad dietary choice) I can agree with the distrust of politicians and distrust of the rich i.e. Palm Springs, but I have to disagree with denigrating cheering pagans. I am very fond of cheering pagans and I have never seen a pagan with a lion, so I think the Christians are safe from the hoards of pagans. Can’t say the inverse argument is true with any confidence though. Anyhow me and this conservative guy have a lot in common; we could work together with common ground like that.

He does need to work on that logic thing a bit, but just maybe he isn’t really interested in logic, maybe instead, as Colbert says, he is trying to make you "feel" his argument. I can feel his argument; politicians are corrupt and right wing christian are oppressed and continue to be martyred by the clothing choices of pagan. The outrage grows.

P.S. I couldn’t find the t-shirt online but there is a hat over at cafepress with the quote. It is a nice looking hat.

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