Thursday, February 7, 2008


We held a Democratic caucus here is Seldovia that had a total of 16 folks show up. I was hoping for more, but was OK with 16. 13 people newly registered as Democrats. I think that at this time of year there are 200 people around town which gives us around 12% of the population which seems on par with what the rest of the state had show up.
This was my first caucus, as it was for almost everyone. The process was a little frustrating and the Party officials in Homer didn't seem to prepared for the turn out. They filled the auditorium at the Islands and Ocean to over flowing and then the Fire Marshal was going to shut them down. But they were able to make it work but it was chaotic and unpleasant to listen too as we sat over in the school calmly waiting to vote. 
But in defense of the folks in Homer, in 2004 they had 70 people show up. This year it was close to 400. I would like to think that it is all some good old grass roots organizing that is developing progressive politics around the country, but I really know that it is a bungling inept and dangerous regime in the White House. Alaskan's might have even over looked the corruption and stink that is our Congressional delegation and put them back in to continue the $$ pipeline coming our way, but not this year. 
Oh, I got to vote my conscience and for Edwards on the first "fan out" so I don't have to be tempted by those other parties. That fan out in Seldovia has 14 for Obama and 2 for Edwards. The second and final had 15-Obama and 1-Clinton. Tracy is ever the non-joiner and she really doesn't even like Clinton. 

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Salt said...

Thanks for organizing this and providing this opportunity to Seldovians. I think it's interesting that you got some folks to change their registrations. I have no way of knowing, but wonder how many were former Dems who switched to a different registration when the Reps closed their primaries. That certainly marked a big change in the precinct rolls, something I've written about before. I'll have to do a recheck on the register next time we have an election--it'll be interesting to see if there's been a marked and lasting change.

It's too bad, too, that the Homer event got so overcrowded. My 90-year-old mother and her 70s-ish friend went, but were turned away from the full parking lot and told they had to find someplace else to leave their car. Since they had both had knee replacements this fall, neither one felt up to hoofing it in the dark from whatever distant place they might find to stash their vehicle, so they just went out to dinner instead. So that was two staunch old party regulars lost to the event due to not only poor planning, but poor sensitivity on the part of the security detail at the venue.