Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Bret and Erin in Anchorage

I am up in Anchorage and by circumstance had the opportunity to see Bret and Erin at UAA giving their talk to 100+ people. They are becoming minor celebs. Too funny and I hope to see them on David Letterman soon. But they would probably have to walk there.

I am proud of them, in a proxy parental way that I have no right too. I barely knew Bret back in the hood. But we all get to wear our pride and shame of our kids in a small town. I still get a little weepy at every HS graduation.

They were inspirational in a humble, dorky, Bret and Erin way. Very understated about their quest and obviously having fun. They are taking a critical look at the environment on their trek. Looking at the impacts of us on some really remote parts on the Earth, but I get the impression they would probably still be out there if everything in the world was hunky dory. Walking around up to their knees in slush and snow, sleeping under a piece of nylon.

I was reminded of Bernard Moitessier. Back in 1969 he was in the race to be the first person to sail around the world alone, non-stop. He was going to win the race but at as he approached the last leg, and the win, he said "screw it, I am in it for the sailing, the journey" and left the money, fame and fortune behind and kept sailing another 1/2 way around the world.

I hope the kids knees hold out.

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Philip Munger said...

214 people in the seats, three on stage and one in the control booth. Lucky the fire marshall didn't show up...