Thursday, February 28, 2008

Stevens Featured Again On TPM

In a post over at TPMMuckraker they covered the announcement of Begich becoming a kinda Senatorial candidate by slamming Ted and Don. Which is OK, but they focus on the earmarking process. Which is legal, though it makes you cringe but as far a scandal goes is kinda like low fruit on the tree. There certainly is some corrupt crap they have done that is a little more hidden. It will take more than just picking press releases from Taxpayers for Common Sense and making links to them.
The bad ju-ju comes out in the comments as it becomes a pile on for all us greedy Alaskans. You get a feel for another way in which these asses have damaged our State.

Ellen wrote,
"Why, Alaskans will all tell you that by the act of moving up there they became the sole owners of everything found in the ground. Earmarks are only a small recognition of their generosity in allowing the rest of us to enjoy a little bit of their God-given inheritance."

I had to respond and am surprised to find myself defending Ted.
Geez Ellen,
That is a pretty broad brush to paint all of us Alaskans with. I do believe I have an inheritance and I work to ensure that it is here for my kid and his kids. The inheritance is open space, wildlife and intact eco-systems.

Not all of us are pleased with the job that our delegation has been doing. Many of us are like you, and I am hoping a majority, are disgusted. This process of earmarking is wrong and certainly needs a revising. But, I ask you to look around your community and identify how much is built with federal dollars. Airport, roads, infrastructure that makes the economy run. We don't have an infrastructure here. We have many basic needs that haven't been addressed. Many of our villages have water and sewers that are third world. Stevens has done much to solve this issue and many others here. He also has sold out many Alaskans to greedy corporations and is corrupted by the power he has. I have never voted for him.
You can knock the politicians, but please don't lump me in with them.

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