Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Who Do You Fear More?

Wow. I just heard on the news that Amtrack is now placing guards with automatic weapons on the boarding platforms in the busier train stations. Security measures.

That is so dumb. I get the overwhelming sense that this loosely gathered band of a couple of thousand radicals has won. On both sides. And we are paying for their party. Banana Republic?

Maybe living out in the woods and only getting into the "city" once every 4 months has given me a false sense of security. I just don't realize how bad it is out there. Should I get one?

Who are these guards going to shoot and how are they going to miss all the rest of us standing around. Are we now going to be considered collateral damage? Is it better to be shot by your own guys than blown up by some "terrorist?"

Infrequently I travel, and when I have been in Mexico in the past and have seen their military/police walking around with their little machine guns, I get the feeling that it is more a show for the general population. I have always been impressed.

We have lost our minds.


Anonymous said...

Are we now going to be considered collateral damage?

Seems to me we already are collateral damage. We can't check our bags through from Homer to Outside any more--gotta do the shuffle in Anchorage. We can't pack sensibly for a trip. And we have every corner of this village captured by cameras that record our every coming and going (hello break-in help), funded by Homeland Insecurity and held in private hands with no review and no control over how the records are used.

I'm damaged. Aren't you?

Freshwrestler said...

We don't know how damaged we are. The Supremes just gave the illegal wiretaps a pass. We will never know who has been spied on and why. I am sure that the political operatives in the Bush administration would never have sunk so low as to use illegal surveillance for political or personal gain. This group of Nixonian holdovers have no experience doing that!