Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Republicans Have Arrived to Save Our Sarah

This is  silly. The theater of the absurd. Just freaking nuts. But I have faith that it is going to get better and better because we now have the DC Republicans here in Alaska to run things for awhile (not just Ted and Don, but other guys from back east.)  These folks have done such a good job back there, let's bring em on up here. We need the help.

Look at the photos of the two McCain Campaign shills who have been sent up to run interference for our governor on this "troopergate" fiasco.  Standing next to the poster board with the web of relationships lined out showing us the true nature of the scandal.  And the other poster which renames the ordeal "Tasergate", like it is just about that trooper tasering his kid.  But notice all the lines are leading to Barack Obama.  Reading the captions on the poster, the relationships are tenuous at best. Some lines aren't even explained. Just lines.  It is DUMB, but it is a good piece of propaganda, you see all the lines are going to Obama. He and the evil Democrats run Alaska you know. 

Sarah try this:
 "I made a mistake. I let my concern for my family and the concern for the safety of citizens of the State of Alaska override my better judgment. I take responsibility for my action.  I overstepped my authority and I have to pay the price. I offer to the people of Alaska my humblest apologies and to the Legislature, I leave to you the consequences for my action.  Also, I believe so deeply in the importance of Senator McCain's mission and absolute necessity of getting him in the White House to protect the safety and health of these United States, that I now believe that these issue that have been created now hindered his campaign. I have offered to Senator McCain to withdraw my name a Vice Presidential nominee of the Republican Party in 2008 and will seek to serve him to the fullest of my abilities as he sees fit." 
Then we can have her family crying behind her, preferably Todd will have a hanky and dab his eyes lightly (no sobbing from him), the son will be back from his duties in Iraq standing, in uniform, crying, the daughters must both holding babies (find an extra one.) Sarah should turn hug the family and leave the podium holding baby Trig. The family should follow. 

People would eat that up. She have immediate goddess status. Her political fortune would be minted. She would then be moved to the top of the ticket and McCain would stab her behind stage at the next campaign event. Or 2012? 

But seriously Alaskans, we are being mugged by these operatives. The McCain people are advising an attorney that the State has hired to represent Palin  during the investigation. Do you think he is representing the best interests of Palin?  Should an attorney that the State has paid for be getting advice from a political operative? Does he have a license to practice in Alaska? Is any of this good for the State? 
Dumb, dumb, dumb,dumb.

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