Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Aidan's Electoral Lessons or Understanding The Election

Republican Candidate Ann Young

My 10 year old announced the other day that the cats in the house were holding an election to see who would be President. 

We dove into this one pretty easily. You see, we have enough cats in the house to establish a new Congressional district for Alaska and we tend to do a bit of the anthropomorphizing with the animals. 

Well we went through the primaries pretty quickly and it seems like we have the two candidates firmed up for the general election. Teeny is the Democratic nominee and Annyong, who changed her name to Ann Young is the Republican. 

As usual in these things Ms. Young and her operatives have seized the momentum of the campaign.  Teeny's is seen as foundering as she continues to try and address boring issues that relate to the actual day to day operations of the cattery;  litter box placement, the quality and safety of pet food, and veterinary care.

Ms. Young on the other hand has proposed many innovative approaches to governing that build on the tenure of the last eight years of rule in the country at large. She has proposed additional feedings of the tainted canned food, the elimination of all terroristic birds of prey. Most ground breaking, she has proposed the streaming of governance by eliminating the legislative branch. She will then assume these duties as well.  She is quoted as saying "If I am going to enforce a law, I damn well better have written it. I ain't going to enforce some crap that the Demoncats have written. Put yourself in my position, would you want to have to marry some gay person, screw the Demoncat Party."

Annyoung really doesn't believe this stuff, but she knows that she can't get elected without a little pandering. Ms. Young, is available for adoption along with her supporters. Please see my wife's cat blog for details. 

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