Thursday, September 25, 2008

I want to stop writing about palin

This Palin thing is a great lesson, maybe the greatest lesson ever for people to  learn why you need to KNOW YOUR LEVEL. 

I used to take swim lessons as a kid. Hated them. Bobbing up and down at 9 am in a cold pool on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday in the middle of summer vacation.  What a waste of valuable cartoon watching time. I eventually taught the lessons as a lifeguard in the same pool. It was still a waste of valuable cartoon time, but at least I got paid.  

The kids were graduated into a variety of levels. They all had irritating aquatic related names that gave a sense of where the students were at in terms of development. They started off as tadpoles, then maybe minnows, fish, dolphins, topping off with sharks.  But by that time they were sharks, the kids were good enough to out swim me, so we would hire them as lifeguards, especially if they were cute. But as a kids you always wanted to be in the bigger kids classes. They would get to wear goggles, have kick boards or jump off the diving boards. 

The real lesson came once it was open swim and you tried what the bigger kids were doing.  As a minnow jumping off that diving board,  you sunk and barely made to the ladder.

Sarah Palin,  in this lame metaphor of swim lesson are life, Palin is a fucking turd in the pool. A total distraction that has closed the pool until the adults can get the skimmer out, scoop her out and super chlorinate the entire god damned water body. John McCain pinch this floater..... I have to stop with the scatological metaphor.

Watch her going head to head with the "fish" level Couric about some pretty important issues of the day, like "what the hell is McCain doing talking about fixing the economy, when he was one of the people who broke it?" Palin really should not be in the pool.
Katie kinda had a "shark" look in her eyes at one point. 

What happens when Sarah jumps in the deep end?

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