Thursday, January 15, 2009

Go Away

Dear People from the Outside,
I would cordially like to ask you to leave our Governor alone. No more interviews, no more websites about her, no more magazine covers. Don't speculate about her, don't google her, don't listen to her, don't even look up here for 2 more years. After 2 years, we will gladly send her out to fulfill her destiny as the cute befuddled conservative on "The View."
You see, she has a an actual job to do. She is a Governor in a state that requires a strong executive. And Sarah has a little problem focusing. She can't bear down and do her job if everyone is wanting a "ubetcha" and wink from her. We now suspect that she is a little limited and we need her and Todd really focused to deal with the issues at hand up here in Alaska. Sarah confuses her job with her personal life. So when you admire her for her political moxie, her fine family values, her "hot grandma" status, she thinks that is her job. To be beloved, to campaign constantly, to talk without saying much. But all this takes time and preparation, which takes away from her real job. And just like little Bristol during the campaign, she is getting behind in her responsibilities.

I may not really like the woman, or her recent activities, but as governor, I do want her to succeed. To study problems and issues and come up with solutions and policies that will address the needs of this State and it's citizens. There really is much to be done and an amazing amount of opportunity for her and this state. So if you want her to be viable for that position on the View, let her do her job, and stop giving her so many compliments for just showing up.


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Anonymous said...

On the other hand, the more she's distracted by her self promotion, the less likely it is she'll have as much time to wreak havoc with her air-headed policy proposals.

There's just really no bright side in it. With Palin, there's no possibility of a positive outcome.