Wednesday, January 21, 2009

At least you did't get fired like your dad.

Farewell Former President Bush,
You got that going for you when the family gets together. "Shut up Old Man, at least I didn't fired." Your library will be bigger and have more stuff. And no matter what Papa Bush says, after you, there is no way in hell we will have another Bush in the Whitehouse. "Sorry Jeb, I shit all over the place. They ain't going to let you in." Then laugh in his pompous face. Sweet.

I will try to visit you when I get back to Dallas. Maybe we can get together and finally have that beer. I'll buy, alot. Oh hell, let's beer and shots. We will get the Secret Service to drive us around. You aren't to far from Addison, so let's go to Chili's. It must be a relief to slip that pretense of sobriety, just like Reagan was able to let go of that illusion of lucidity after he got done.

I have a few questions about the some the things that happened over the past 8 years, but I will just wait for your book. I read Clinton's recently. Crap, there were a bunch of words in that one. I am sure yours will be considerably shorter. Kinda like a Readers Digest Condensed Book. Are you going to write it yourself or find a subcontractor? I bet you won't get anybody at Haliburton to do that now that you are spending your own money. Is Dick going to edit it before you publish it? That would be a good idea, knida like when he showed up to help you testify in Congress. But really I do look forward to following your activities; the speeches, the trials, the library at SMU, the businesses you will start with your friends. It will be interesting to see how you evlove after all that presidenting. It should look good on your resume.

I do know that we will miss you. All those silly guys on late night tv are going to have find someones else to kick around. And Obama is already changing things, Jazz instead of Country, cigarettes instead of bourbon, transparency instead of secrets, but it is just window dressing, and it is only the first week. Dick will find him soon enough, take him to the bunker and set him straight. I am pretty sure of that.

Goodbye George,

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Anonymous said...

I understand if you have any old shoes around the house, you can 'throw them at Bush', in a manner of speaking, by sending them to Bush's library.

George Bush Presidential Library Foundation
Texas A&M University
1145 TAMU
College Station, Texas 77843-1145