Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Senator Brown

Come on. Barely 2.5 million people voted in this Mass. special election to replace Ted Kennedy and it appears they now determine the fate of an entire nation. 1/2 % of the entire population of the USA. I CALL BULLSHIT ON THAT. Get some huevos Democrats.
Some dumb-blond dude shows up in the Senate spouting the same old failed Republican talking points and you fold. I get the sense that you were ready to fold, the bullies have beat you down or maybe you really kinda like the corporate friendly republican-lite legislation you get when you seek "bi-partisanship."
When the Republicans lose they double down and become even bigger assholes. They don't change. They have nothing, they are proposing nothing. NOTHING that addresses the issues of the day. But somehow as a minority party, 41% of one of two the legislative bodies, they can jerk your chains and you heal like some like a subservient dog.

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