Friday, May 1, 2009

Old Time Religion

Someone explain this one to me:
  • 742 American adults surveyed on use of torture against suspected terrorists
  • 54 percent of those who go to services at least weekly say it's often or sometimes OK
  • In survey, people unaffiliated with any religious group were least likely to back torture


Savannah said...

But the foundation of Christian (and of course many others, using slightly different imagery and names) religion is based upon torture in hell, so how could it be excessively repugnant to the religious when it's considered legitimate as part of their faith? If a deity chooses to establish eternal torment as punishment for our failure to obey the rules, surely his/her faithful are entitled to use it to enforce their divinely-endorsed rules as well. Seems pretty straightforward and conceptually consistent to me.

Anonymous said...

Good point,
My first impulse is to scream "hypocrites," but you reminded me that they are not responsible for their actions or the actions of their government. They are programmed for torture. The thinking is "if I am the torturer, I am right. If the president says so, it is so."
Haven't we already done this under a previous Administration?