Friday, October 3, 2008


That wasn't a debate. That was a infomercial.  The entire format of the debate was set up to protect Palin from hard questions and hard follow up on her incoherent answers. Democrats conceded that debate to be a draw when they negotiated the format prior to the debate. From the NY Times:
Commission members wanted a relaxed format that included time for unpredictable questioning and challenges between the two vice-presidential candidates. On Wednesday, the commission unanimously rejected a proposal sought by advisers to Ms. Palin and Senator John McCain of Arizona, the Republican presidential nominee, to have the moderator ask questions and the candidates answer, with no time for unfettered exchanges. Advisers to Mr. Biden say they were comfortable with either format.

Make her explain and talk about issues, in depth and at length. That is what I want from a leader. That is what I expect from a debate.  The Democrats failed me again. Setting up the debates to be friendly to Palin is just giving it away. 

Also of interest was:

The debate formats were negotiated by Senator Lindsey Graham, Republican of South Carolina, representing the McCain campaign, and Representative Rahm Emanuel, Democrat of Illinois, for the Obama camp. A handful of aides from both camps were also involved, hammering out issues between themselves and then holding conference calls with members of the commission to reach final agreements, people involved in the process said.

Rahm and Lindsey both have an great investment in the protection of the exclusive 2 party system.  I really think that the Democrats needed Sarah to do well enough in this debate. If she would have just folded or looked the fool, the Republican Party starts falling apart and a groundswell begins for some sort of third party.  It is a little late for another candidate, but they always are looking ahead and protecting the 2 party branding.

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Steve said...

Or maybe they thought making it easier for Palin would lower the risk of Biden saying something stupid too. And that the VP wasn't all that important.

While I totally agree with your assessment of the non-debate, it is also clear to me that logic and reason are not important criteria for lots of people. And for those who fear a Democratic administration, well they're going to suck it up and support the McCain-Palin ticket.

If Obama had picked a weird VP candidate, what would you do? Would you really toss it to McCain? [Skipping over the fact that your vote for Obama in Alaska is wasted anyway.]